Mobile SEO

We have a client who is (rightfully) very interested in SEO. Among the many SEO aspects we’ve discussed is mobile… and this is a biggie.

Just shy of a year ago, Google expanded its use of mobile friendliness as a ranking signal for websites. This came as a benefit to its stock and because in regions like the Middle East and Asia, moblie to destop use has now surpassed a 2:1 ratio.

Did you know that in the Unites States mobile internet activity outpaced desktop internet activity in 2015 (mobile 60%), (desktop 40%)? What’s more, half of those mobile searches were for the purpose of finding local results with a whopping 61% ending in a purchase. It’s time to make sure your website is mobile ready and interact with customers when they are likely on their phones. Source: Search Engine Watch.

 Gone are the days of strictly building dozens and dozens of pages optimized with keywords. First, that practice is hard to maintain and actually risks losing organic reach for your organization’s website (the more mechanical and stylized a website is with its keywords, the more generic it becomes, losing the differentiation that is also very important in your marketing). Second, the practices you use to optimize a desktop website may not translate to mobile (as many companies have realized this past year).

What can you do about this? Here are three tips you and your web developer can use to make sure you are as mobile friendly as possible. And… don’t forget that SEO is only part of the marketing mix. As we know, it takes a whole combination of tactics to get leads, donations, votes, etc.

Happy optimization! Now get back on your phone and make sure to return that text, you 1:1 desktop/mobile user!