Improving your email open rate

Ever wondered how your email open rate compares to others?

Your email open rate will vary by the industry that you are in — agricultural and food industries have an average open rate of 26.06% and the consulting industry has an average open rate of 18.78%. You should aim to have an open rate of 20-25% per list feed.

Your subject line can be the secret to a higher open rate. It should be engaging and well worded. Additonally, you should make sure not to use words that trigger that your emails get sent to the spam folder.

Test which words resonate best with your audience in the subject line by (randomly) dividing your audience into two and testing two subject lines on the same email. Most email marketing programs have built in functionality for this.

Regularly cut out inactive subscribers from your email list. You should send specific emails to customers based on where they live, their interests and their purchase history and make sure that you keep your email list fresh and active with new subscribers.

Did you know that the ratio for time spent on a computer vs. on a mobile phone is 1:1 in the United States? This may seem like a lot of time on mobile, but in some areas (namely China and the Middle East) this ratio soars to 2:1 on mobile. While it may seem daunting to make sure your marketing strategies are optimized across all screens, it is exciting to start with little, effective changes.

The best time to send your marketing emails is Tuesday after dinner. Emails sent during the day, especially in the wee hours of the morning are more likely to get lost in the shuffle of the workday.

Be aware, this data comes from a compilation of several studies. While studies are always helpful, they are also general. What does this mean for you? Give Tuesday evenings a try, but test your audience at other times to see what is best for your organization!

Another good time to send your emails is at lunchtime. There is no “promotions” tab on mobile (yet), so email blasts get the same rank as personal emails when they are viewed on mobile phones, which directly improves open rates. Second, messages are less likely to be seen as an intrusion during these hours as opposed to busier work hours. Caution: In addition to work hours, steer clear of early morning hours, another time people are on mobile but not for “hang time.” During these hours, folks are on their phones to get their day started and see email blasts as an intrusion to the work or personal emails they are beside.

Happy emailing from Erreco Strategies!