How to bring holiday flair to your social media accounts

Before you whip up the eggnog, frost the sugar cookies or decorate your tree, let’s talk about bringing Christmas flare to your social media accounts.

As stated before in this blog, social media is a fantastic way to create free advertising through content that engages potential customers and contests are a great way to do this. Check out these christmas contest ideas from the Rignite blog.

Our favorite idea from this blog is a Facebook comment give-away – where you ask your followers a question like what is favorite part of christmas and they get entered in a raffle to win one of your products. This way you are spreading holiday cheer and building brand engagement.

Evision Media suggests creating a holiday cover page on your Facebook profile and using holiday themed hashtags like #diy, #stockingstuffers, #holidays, #newyears. They also recommend engaging in a 12 days of Christmas promotion with special promotions on each day.

Check out the Sprinklr Blog for these five trailblazing social media holiday marketing campaigns. You can’t beat the creativity of an interactive shopping video debuted by Kate Spade staring Anna Kendrick. (Not a cheap marketing scheme!)

And last, but not least, we loved the social media holiday marketing advice offered Shortstack from 12 social media marketing experts.

“The holidays provide businesses with a way to connect with their audience on a more human level…because they allow us to communicate as people who share similar traditions, or they allow us to talk about what makes us unique,” Ann Handley, the chief content officer of Marketing Profs said.  “How that might play out: Show how the people in your company celebrate or honor certain traditions, to give your fans and prospects an idea of the people and personalities that make your company what it is. It’s also a great time to showcase any charitable activities your company might participate in.”

Another idea that we loved from this blog involved engaging your customers by asking them to post old family holiday pictures on your Facebook page.

Happy Holidays from the Erreco Strategies Team!